Rules of the Waxing Game

Here you will find answers to what you need to do before, during & after getting waxed. I didn't make them up I am just here to spread the gospel. 

A truly unique waxing experience. 

How the process rolls

First, the area to be waxed is cleansed thoroughly, next a light organic oil is used to protect the skin from harm and pain (don't be such a baby), then the waxing begins (it only hurts once). After waxing the area is cleaned again, then finally a calming cream. Waxing may remove top layer skin and when it is not properly cared for you may very well have a bulge of a different kind. 

Before Getting Waxed


Exfoliate with a Loofa, Body Brush, Exfloiation Glove or any other Exfoliation device that you find exciting, at least 2 days before. You're hair (the area you want waxed) needs to be between 1/4 to 1/2 inch long, other wise we will be just waxing skin (not fun). 

During The Wax


Stay calm, yes it may hurt (at first, you big baby), but you will soon get the hang of it. You may redden and this is perfectly normal. I use a Calming Cream that will help to reduce this and if you ever suffer from irritation I have other solutions. 

After The Wax


If you liked it KEEP UP WITH IT, it is more painful and difficult to re-wax when an extended amount of time has lapsed. The general rule is every 4-6 weeks.


Two days (48 hours) after the wax EXFOLIATE with your fave tool. Exfoliation helps reduce any in-grown hairs that may occur. If you end up with one call me and I can help to clear it up. 



Use of Retinol, Vitamin A products, internal and external chemical exfoliators. You will need to stop use of these at least 1-2 weeks prior to waxing any body part. In some cases, extended use of topical and internal exfoliators may prevent you from being waxed. Be Aware that the use of Male HRT (hormone replacement therapy) may cause skin reactions. 



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