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anal & intimate lightening

Brighten Up your Dirty Bits

The One Shot
Butthole Brightener

IMG_3541 2.jpg

The Process - it takes about 30 minutes (yep that's it) to take you from Dirty Birdy to Nice and Tidy. 

Step 1.) Cleansing (yes I will be cleaning your Butthole) 

Step 2.) Lactic acid clarifier (it may tingle, BUTT you can handle it)

Step 3.) Lightening solution 

Step 4.) Lightening Serum (you get one for at home use)

Step 5.) Calming Mask (this stays on your pretty little bits for 4 hours, then you can rinse away the dark days)

Step 6.) Get up and Go Asshole!

The new One Shot System utilizes the power of five skin brighteners; Azelaic, Resorcinol, Phytic, Tranexamic and Vitamin C. 

Combined these ingredients target the cellular function which allow for skin lightening to happen safely and naturally. This is a perfectly balanced system when combined with the At - Home - Care Serum which contains Kogic, Daisy Flower, Hyaluronic acid, Niacinamide, and Alpha Arbutin. 


comes with a 1/2 ounce bottle of at home care serum, this is used twice a day for best results.

Full 1 ounce bottles are Only $65.00

(can be used anywhere on the body where lightening is desired)




Dirty Ass?

Clean it up...

The One Shot
ButtHole Brightener


More Areas Coming Soon!

Male Waxing Q & A
  • Can I bring someone with me to the appointment?
    NO Sorry. Currently due to covid I ask that only you the client and myself be in the office at this time. If an audience is what you desire, then I am sure you can audition for porn (I do not offer porn auditions).
  • I have never waxed before, does it hurt?"
    This depends on 1 your pain tollerence & 2 the area being waxed. In general waxing does not hurt (that bad), and like I say it only hurts once. Check out the Scale-o-Pain HERE to help you get a general idea of "pain". You can always take a few Ibuprofen 2 hours before as well.
  • I have never been waxed by a guy before.
    Well that's unfortunate. I am one of the most thorough wax professionals on the market. With my professional office, cool - calm demeanor, I am quite possibly the best you will find. I have over 18 years in the beauty industry, and 8 years in the massage indusrty. Lucky you found me.
  • I want to try The Whole Enchilada, what can I expect?"
    The Whole Enchilada is the full monty, it includes everything in the front pubic area, meaning that we wax the top of your pubic area, your hacky sack, your shaft plus your butt crack. This will leave you feeling clean and oh so smooth. And just remember the shorter that grass is down there the bigger it looks, oh those optical illusions...
  • What is the Wax Free Grooming all about?
    This is simply the use of clippers, trimmers & or scissors, to clean up that pesky out of control bush. No waxing is involved (unless you get brave), this is a great option to be introduced to the world of wax.
  • Should I Shave or Trim before I get waxed?
    NO, Please allow me to do this for you. The hair needs to be at least 1/2 inch in order for the wax to be effective.
  • What Happens if my Woody.... Well Gets a Woody?
    Hey it happens, after all someone is moving things around down there, but trust me the moment the Hard (or soft in some cases) Wax comes off, your "Woody" will become more like a Limp Wet Noodle.
  • Will I get RED or Swollen?
    Yes and NO, simply put we are ripping hair out fellas. Redness does occur however generally disapears in about 20 minutes to an hour (sometimes 2). You will not "swell" however you may have what looks like red bumps this is perfectly normal and will dissipate. It is sometimes recomended that you GO COMANDO after waxing your man parts. This is because any rubbing may cause irritation, and we can't have that now can we.
  • Can I try it out after the waxing is done?
    NO, I would recommend waiting at least 24 hours before you put it in, place it around, or play hide and seek with it. Exercise is also a no - no. Any excesive sweat may cause unwanted pimples or an in-grown hair, and trust me boys it is not fun to remove them.....think child birth pain.
  • I am not really sure that I want someone touching my Family Jewels?
    That's cool, however I am certian that once you wax you'll never go back to being a hairy beast.
  • Do you work on Ladies?
    Yep sure do. Although my studio is designed for men, I have no problem working with you girls, just as long as your okay with a guy touching your girly parts.
  • What kind of Massage is it?
    It is your Run of the Mill Massage. What makes me unique is my experience & my combination style (Swedish, Lomi Lomi & Table Thai).
  • I have never been Massaged by a guy before.
    Well that's just sad. In general my pressure is deeper, and I know how to move the male body, well because I am a man.
  • I am not sure I want a guy rubbing on me?
    That's cool, there are plenty of lady massage therapists out in the world, however none of them offer my unique combination of Deep Tissue with Stretching.
  • Do you have a Pic?
    Yep sure do it is found HERE. Do you have other pictures? Nope sorry.
  • Caronavirus Precaution
    Please read though my Protection Plan Page to learn more about the precatuions and protocols in place for both our protection. Or feel free to me any questions. I take your saftey seriously, this is why I am certified in both Barbicide and Rejuvenate Infection Control procedures.
  • I need to Change my Appointment
    Sure No Problem. Please visit the Booking and Scheduling page to learn more about this policy. Booking & Scheduling
  • I need to Cancel my appointment
    Ok. Please visit my Booking ans Scheduling page to learn more about this policy. Booking & Scheduling
  • What forms of Payment do you take
    When booking your appointment you have the choice to use that CC for appointment reservation only or to leave it on file. YOU DO NOT PAY AT THE TIME OF BOOKING! Payments are always at the time of the service. I Take Credit Cards (all) Cash (of Course) Venmo (Download the app using my referral link: Cash App (Download it here
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