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Manscape Your Landscape

Meet Your 
Male Waxing Specialist


I am impressed you have the guts to look me up!

Howdy I am George (yep that is a real-life picture of me) founder and creator of Man Scaper Spa & San Jose Male Waxing.

I am glad you stopped by---if for nothing else just to leave your 0.02 cents (hey it adds up). 


Since my move to San Jose California in 2019, I am very thankful & grateful to all of you who Demanded my return to ABQ.


Check out my San Jose shenanigans here


I have 21 years experience in the beauty biz along with 11 years of specialized expertise in working with male body waxing & male body grooming. I also have 12 years of massage under my belt. 


Whew that’s a lot of years! 


With all of the waxing, grooming and massage boutiques out there I am glad you have decided to visit my humble abode. My aim is to offer you an individualized & personalized treatment experience, without the fear of some Big Box salons or shops. I service only one client at a time and with that ensure to the best of my ability you will leave feeling better than when you arrived. 


I am humorous & sometimes offensive yet this is what makes me .... well me! I hope you enjoy your visit to my little Men's Waxing Studio.


Oh, and for goodness sake Wax Your Flippin' Bush!

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