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LEARN The Art of

male waxing & GROOMING



Take him from Hot and Hairy to Smooth and Sultry

Course Cost (kit included) $599

What this class is about 

Male waxing goes by many names (manzilian, boyzilian, the Hollywood, even back, sac and crack, or anything else you can come up with). Male waxing is the largest growing segment in the beauty industry. Male clients will travel far and wide to find a qualified Male Wax-preneur, who is an expert in fighting back against that outer sasquatch covering.   


This male waxing course is my signature course and offers you a direct no-nonsense approach to mastering the art of the male hair market. The tips, tricks, and techniques learned in this course will help you to gain confidence, master your skill, and learn to speak the language of Expert Male Wax-preneur


Plus, you will get the opportunity to learn essential effective fundamentals in regard to male-specific waxing. 


Get Ready to learn

  • Day One; The theory of waxing and learning to wax the Waxing Stick way

  • Day Two; Finishing up of theory which includes which wax to use and why. *Model Demo by myself

  • Day Three; Get your wax pots & sticks ready it's wax day, hands-on training, course certification quiz

  • Coverage on Full Body Male Waxing (demonstration is only on these areas Chest, Back, Intimate, Eyes, Nose, Ears)

  • An all-inclusive hands-on guided discipline in the art of male intimate waxing

  • Male-Specific client consultation including coverage on contraindications and solutions

  • Learn which wax to use and why for each body area including proper product application

  • Learn the art of Grooming for both pre-waxing as well as after waxing to offer a complete service treatment

  • Complete instruction for you and your client on the Code of Conduct

  • Body mechanics including stretching, product application techniques, and hair removal

  • Ensure your success as a Male-Waxologist by learning the tricks of the trade 

  • Get bookings and stay booked with menu guidance and pricing recommendations 


How I will support you

Facebook Group access (ask questions, get answers)

Continued Support through Email & Facebook

3 Month Follow up Video Call (Skype, Google Hangouts, or Zoom)


Inside the Wax Kit (1 each, $275.00 Value)

  • Homme 28 Ounce Bag  

  • Empty Wax Tin 14 Ounce

  • Large wooden disposable spatulas 

  • Cirepil Happy Heater 14 Ounce

  • Jasmine Oil 8.45 Ounce

  • Blue Lotion 8.45 Ounce

  • Post-Wax Refreshing Gel 6.8 Ounce

  • Male Waxing Manual

  • Waxing Stick Education Male Waxing Certification (sorry, currently there are no continuing education credits offered)


Read these Important Notes

  1. You will need to supply a male model for this course (including one for me if I am traveling to you), each model will be required to complete release forms, models will also need to be comfortable being touched by all class members.

  2. Models are not allowed in the class until the hands-on portion begins, All models will need to behave in a professional manner.

  3. One model per 2 students (or one each if space and time allow if I am traveling to you a model for me will need to be supplied as well). 

  4. You Must hold a Cosmetology/Barber License or an Esthetic License in order to take any course offered. Proof of licensure will be required. 

  5. Everything in the Kit is Cirepil, Except for the Wooden Spatulas, Male-Specific Waxing Manual, and Certification. 

  6. All Fees (enrollment & travel fees) need to be paid in full before a class is scheduled. 

  7. All Sales are Final and no Refunds are offered or Implied. 

  8. Payment plans available, email to inquire.

  9. Class Size is Limited to 6 students per class, to ensure the integrity of the education as well as guarantee everyone gets personalized attention.

  10. If a class is held at your location please have all requested items for class (i.e. beds, linens, models & any other requested materials from me for room setup). 

  11. In order to obtain Certification, a Written Quiz will be given out, upon completion Certification is mailed to you. 

  12. Certifications take approximately 1-2 weeks to be completed and ship, no continuing education credits are offered at this moment in time. Certifications are through Waxing Stick Education and Man Scaper Spa.

  13. Purchase of the course is considered lifetime access, meaning any and all updated content created in regard to male waxing you will have access to at no charge. (delivery will be in an Online format). 


I am happy to Travel

Classes are based in Albuquerque NM. However, with class sizes of 3 or more, I am open to traveling to you at your location. Travel outside of Albuquerque, New Mexico please add in Travel Fees (Flight & Hotel). *If traveling outside of Albuquerque in addition to supplying your own model(s) you will also need to supply one for me to do a demonstration on. 

Let's Set Up A Class!

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