Thank You, Albuquerque. 

I can not say Thank You enough for all that each of you has done for me. I am deeply saddened by the effects of Covid-19. Although, it has not caused me any health concern, and hopefully you have managed to stay safe as well. It has caused Man Scaper Spa to close. As many of you know I truly appreciated each and everyone one of you as clients. 

UPDATE 5-12-2020

I am just overwhelmed with your support and generosity. I am currently working on trying to find a small office in Albuquerque. As many of you know I have moved to San Jose California, which was not an issue, however, with the Covid-19 crisis it caused me to have to close my office. I simply could not afford travel, office rent, hotel, etc... However, I have been on the lookout for something small in the Albuquerque market. Please check back often as I will leave updates here.  

Thank You.