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Grooming it up

Grooming is one of the services which causes more confusion than I want to admit. Grooming is an art. Think of it as a haircut for the body (which is how I explain it to customers).

When it comes to the "art of body grooming," I use several tools in the toolbox. What is nice about grooming is that it offers clients an easy way to either be introduced to the world of waxing or to maintain that beastly body hair. I also use grooming to blend with waxing, so you don't go from no hair to sudden hair.

In my office, I use clippers (with guards), Trimmers, and Shears to blend the hair, which makes for a seamless transition that looks natural. Grooming is also a perfect service for those times when you do not want an utterly hair-free appearance. Grooming is relatively maintenance-free until, of course, it grows back.

Clients like everything from something more full to almost no hair, so the trend is what works best for you. With all of that said, even with grooming exfoliation is still a critical exercise. Purchasing a boar hair brush (yep just like ones for your beard) helps to ensure you keep the hair looking nice after grooming, it also helps with mild exfoliation.

I can do grooming myself at home! Why would I pay you to do it?

Straight up because I know what I am doing (for the most part), self-grooming can be an exciting challenge for all of those DIYers. But if what you are looking for is a clean, streamlined look, then pay a professional. Grooming, in general, will last about 3 - 4 weeks, depending on your personal hair growth.

Here are my top recommended grooming products to keep you looking your best. (please use the links below to find a product that works best for you)

An easy to use brush made of 100% Boar

If a handled brush is your thing.

After Care lotion, an important step in keeping things soft and smooth. Hempz Orginal is the one I use in my office with a light, fresh scent.

Hopefully, this helps to clear up some questions regarding body grooming.

Thanks, George

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