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Model Requirements


1.) You must be 21 Years Old or Older (valid ID will be requested)


2.) A pre-picture by Text or email is required (NUDE full body), it needs to be full body front and back


3.) You must be comfortable being naked/nude in front of a camera, video equipment


4.) If you are chosen you must sign a release forms, you will also need to have your drivers license or valid state issued ID


5.) A pre-wax consultation with me is required, during this time both myself and you (the model) will discuss preferred areas to be waxed or groomed, in some cases you will have choice, however in many cases you will not be able to choose the area to be waxed or groomed


6.) You are not allowed to wax, shave, or groom the area pre- determined in the consultation for at least 6-8 (or more) weeks


7.) Compensation is $0.00 this is considered a trade/barter for my services, skills in exchange for access to use your body and body parts (for the purpose of professional waxing services/educational/promotional) in photos and video projects no money will be exchanged at any time


8.) You must visit my website  or and be familiar with the services, Frequently asked questions, and the Rules for waxing prior to any meeting


9.) The area being waxed may be Photographed, Video Taped/Recorded so you must be comfortable in photos, and videos in some cases your face will be excluded however this is not a guarantee (your face may be included in some photos/video), these photos and/or videos will be used in any form seen fit by George Ramos, LLC, San Jose Male Waxing, Man Scaper Spa, mainly for entertainment and promotional purposes


10.) Photos and, videos will be ongoing and do not expire 


11.) You must arrive clean, Please shower before the service

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